Mystery Science Theater 3000 Season 10 It Lives by Night 1999

Mystery Science Theater 3000 Season 10 It Lives by Night

HD 7.8 92 minutes
Movie Plot: A man on a spelunking trip becomes a man-bat. Intro:The crew does some painting. Mike tests to see what different colors do to the 'bots emotions. Segment One: Pearl distracts the SOL crew while Bobo sprays them with poison. The poison causes Crow to grow extra arms, for Servo's hands to become huge, and for a small Servo to grow on Mike's back. She gives in to their complaints and finally sends them the antidote. Segment Two: The crew dresses as the cast of the Mary Tyler Moore show, with Crow as Mary, Mike as Ted, and Servo as Lou. Segment Three: The 'bots think Mike is rabid and give him injections. It turns out he just fell asleep while eating pastry and has frosting on his face. The 'bots are mad that the won't need the rest of the injections. Segment Four: Mike grows a mustache and asks Pearl what she thinks of it. She says it's ok, but is them wooed by Crow's bushier mustache. Segment Five: On the SOL, Servo opens a franchise of the Buddy Epsen Hat Destress
Genre: Comedy, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Released: 1999-07-18